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Farrell Law office is a leading veterans disability benefits attorney in Spokane Washington. We have a well-deserved reputation for being tenacious in our pursuit of getting disabled veterans the compensation they are entitled to.

What are veteran’s disability benefits and who is entitled to them?

There are several kinds of disability benefits offered through the VA. Veterans and their dependents may be eligible for different kinds of veteran’s benefits through the VA including:

  • Veterans disability benefits
  • Veterans Pension Benefits
  • Veterans depends compensation

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Veteran with Family

Free benefits evaluation

At Farrell Law office, we offer free VA benefits evaluation. Unfortunately, veterans don’t always receive the full benefits they are entitled to. Contact Farrell law office to schedule a free evaluation of your benefits so you can know if you may be eligible to receive more compensation.

Legal expertise for many disabilities

Farrell law offices provides expert representation in many kids of personal injury cases including:

Law books and glasses
  •  PTSD and other mental health disabilities
  •  Head, brain, neck, back, and knee injuries
  •  Lack of employability
  •  Chemical agent exposure

A focus on our mutual success

Because we believe that our success relies on winning your case, our lawyer collects no fees if there’s no financial settlement reached on your behalf.


Contact us for experienced and reliable legal representation for matters including:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Wills and Probate Law

Don’t navigate the seemingly endless sea of red tape to get the veterans’ disability benefits you’ve earned. Choose Farrell Law Office to represent you throughout the process.